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Cheers & Peace makes Chreece

Chreece is an all-ages, hip-hop festival in the historical district of Fountain Square Indianapolis with six indoor and outdoor stages featuring forty diverse rappers, producers and DJs from all over Indiana .

Show You Suck Mick Jenkins Drayco McCoy Boss L
Ghost Gun Summer Team Green MF GOON Cicada Shells
Tony Styxx Nathan Arizona Molly June Bored
Beverly Bounce House Merc Versus Cas One EJAAZ
Nagasaki Dirt Andy D New Wave Collective
Poindexter Mathaus Young Strong Roots
Kobra Kai Pope Adrian Bless Cut Camp Com Dot
Indiana Chief & Blu The Native Sun Diop UP SHOT
Ke'ondris Xei the Ghost Shadow Village Maxie
Ace One Grxzz Sonny Paradise Mr. Kinetik
Strong Roots Crew Jeron Braxton Stakzilla HumanIII
Young Kano MF GOON Ag the Pharaoh Teddy Panzer
The Lost Cult Nick Nice & Petey Boy Dom Heard Em say
Rusty Redenbacher Feeray Carrera & Reema McNeil
Stages & Venues

The Hi-Fi

1043 Virginia Ave

General Public Collective

1060 Virginia Ave

Pizza King

1267 Shelby St

Fountain Square Plaza

Corner of Virginia Ave & Prospect