Chreece Presents

Indy Star Reacts

David Lindquist from the Indy Star gets the scoop! Check The Article HERE

Andrew Barber

Fake Shore Drive's Honcho Weighs In

“Despite any big name backers or sponsors, this

team was able to pull off this feat, which highlighted

local talent instead of booking bigger name out-oftown

stars. And that was the magic. It very much

reminded me of what I saw in Chicago in 2007 —

in the Wicker Park scene specifically. A diverse

group of people of all races, ages and sexes

coming together in a peaceful manner to

take in the burgeoning local stars before the

rest of the world caught wind.

But even if some of the acts weren’t known outside

of the 317 area code, they still packed venues and

had fans going crazy and rapping along to every

single world. I was more than impressed, and as an

outsider looking in was a bit perplexed as to how

this could be happening without having a major blip

on the industry radar.”

- Andrew Barber (Apple Music/ FakeShoreDrive)

Chreece impressions

Indianapolis Star

“A golden age of Indianapolis hip-hop has arrived. Decades of little

or no national stature for local rappers recede in importance when

the Chreece festival lights up Fountain Square. The second edition of

Chreece showcased a wave of dynamic Hoosier MCs, when packed

venues throbbed to frenetic sounds.”

- Dave Lindquist, Indy Star


Check out the interview with Chreece Founder, Oreo Jones on WFYI Right Here

Artist Testimonials Courtesy NUVO

Just a Sample of the NUVO Article "Why Chreece is  Important to the Local Music Scene"

“To me, Chreece is important because it is helping to build a positive light around the local hip hop artists of the city. It brings everyone together, everyone can have a great time, and so many people are getting the opportunity to show everybody what they can do. It’s amazing! I love that Chreece is as big as it is, and I can’t wait to see it get bigger and bigger every year!”

- Drayco McCoy


“Chreece is important because one common critique with our, as well as most, hip-hop communities is how segmented the scenes can appear to be. This festival is directly and purposefully designed to be inclusive, both for the wide array of artists, styles, and sounds, in addition to both creatives and fans alike. Chreece is like one huge picnic table that everyone is invited to come participate in on some level. It's also all about love, respect, creativity, and proving to the rest of the community that the beauty in the music is firmly rooted in those principles.”

- DJ Metrognome


“Chreece is important because this is our version of SXSW and AC3 or Coachella... it will eventually shed light to the city and world that we have dope music coming from our city and midwest... It’s our Expo or Indy 500 for hip-hop, dance, DJs, producing and art.”

- Rob Skee